Mark Palumbo PanurgyOEM

by Mark Palumbo

Director of Business Development, PanurgyOEM

What is your Re-Startup Plan as a company? When things begin to progress back to normal, is your company in a position to pick back up where they left off?

How are you going to immediately service your customers?

Your business model may have worked perfectly fine pre-COVID-19, but no one expected the abrupt shut down we experienced. Within days or weeks many went from full production to empty factories.   Things appear to be carefully opening back up for many businesses so now is the time to revise budgets, reallocate resources and prepare to reopen.  It is imperative to return your operation to profitability immediately  which is why a slow and measured reopening just won’t do – you need to jump start your operation to bring it to 100% as quickly as possible. 

We are in the middle of an unprecedented global supply chain crisis, and we face several months of volatility ahead of us. This challenging time is a great opportunity to gather insights about your supply chain and develop new strategies to strengthen it so it can withstand the next emergency.

As part of your coronavirus recovery program, you should have a clear idea of what you need to be budgeting for and what you can cut to make the most of the revenue you do have coming in. The goal is to eliminate the monetary waste and get your operating budget as lean as possible so that when the chance to invest in growth comes up, you’re able to take advantage of it.

The repair & returns component of your supply chain is typically ripe for this type of adjustment.  The reverse lifecycle, if not ignored, often gets less attention than your forward logistics.  Streamlining reverse logistics can have a swift and substantial impact on your budget.  Outsourcing to a trusted partner who’s already geared up can dramatically help shorten that (re-) ramp up time and jump start your operation. 

At PanurgyOEM, Our “Machine” is already built and functioning! We have remained open as an essential business through these shutdowns and are fully capable to Re-Start you up where you left off.

As we move towards our 40th year in business many things have changed but one thing stays consistent, our commitment to supporting our customers and clients with the best service possible.

Whether it is repair, production, assembly, integration, upgrading, or even handling your forward and reverse logistics, we can be your safety valve and help you get things back to normal.

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