End-to-end 3PL for electronics manufacturers

Entering the US market presents a unique set of challenges for non-US based electronics manufacturers. Understanding and overcoming these obstacles are crucial for successful market penetration and sustainable growth. 

Start up costs, hiring, training, facilities etc. are big investments that can be challenging to manage long distance. 

Poor service or delivery issues can tank your brand’s reputation. . 

The right local partner, 3PL / third party logistics, is key to expedite your launch in the US market, helping to take care of import matters, distribution to US distributors and retailers and handle post sale issues.

PanurgyOEM has been helping overseas companies improve their effectiveness in the US market for over 40 years.   Our New Jersey based, 90,000 square foot warehouse is convenient to New York area ports, rail lines, airports and interstate highways. 

Why do we say “End-to-End 3PL”?

Unlike most 3PL companies, PanurgyOEM offers end-to-end logistic service, providing not just forward logistics but reverse logistics, including returns management, repair, refurbishment and engineering feedback. 

We’ve worked with many overseas manufacturers to provide a US-based presence and here are a few things that we’ve learned; 

US Based third party logistics

Some of the key challenges manufacturers often face when entering the US market:


Logistical Challenges: Navigating a complex logistics network in the US can be daunting; long shipping times, high costs,  managing multiple distribution channels are all factors. 

These challenges are compounded by the need to ensure products are delivered to customers in perfect condition and in a timely manner.

Market Entry Costs: Establishing a physical presence in the US, such as warehouses and assembly facilities, involves significant investment. 

These costs can be prohibitive and risky, especially for companies unfamiliar with the local market dynamics.

Customer Service Expectations: US consumers have high expectations for customer service, including fast and effective warranty and repair services. 

Meeting these expectations requires a robust local support system, which can be tough to manage from abroad.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management: Managing inventory efficiently without local insights can lead to either surplus or shortage, both of which are costly. 

Efficiently predicting demand and managing supply chain logistics is critical for success.

Repairs, Refurbishment and Returns: Handling returns and repairs efficiently in a market where consumers are accustomed to easy returns and high-quality refurbished products is a significant challenge.

Engineering insight: Lack of exposure to the most common reasons products are returned can hamper addressing design issues and next generation development.

E-commerce Integration: Integrating with major US e-commerce platforms requires technical and strategic expertise to ensure seamless operations, from digital storefronts to backend logistics.

Analytical Insights: Lacking local market data can lead to ineffective business strategies. Detailed analytics are needed to understand consumer behavior and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.


By addressing these challenges head-on, PanurgyOEM empowers non US-based electronics manufacturers to overcome these hurdles and achieve successful market entry and expansion in the United States. With our tailored logistic and support solutions, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the complexities of the US market.


Our Services

We offer a number of beneficial 3PL services for electronics manufacturers. 

We can handle the entire timeline from when your product reaches the United States, to shipment to the distributor or customer, return management and repair/refurbishment, all while providing useful analytics and engineering feedback to empower your product direction and to delight your customers


We offer: 


  • Warehousing
  • Overpack
  • Kitting
  • Assembly / last mile manufacturing
  • Warranty services
  • Repairs
  • Refurbishment
  • eCommerce integration
  • Analytics
  • Demo stock services for influencers, trade shows. 


How can PanurgyOEM’s 3PL services propel your brand’s success in the US market? 


Streamline Your Supply Chain: We will simplify your logistics with our comprehensive warehousing solutions that ensure your products are properly received in the US, correctly processed, stored efficiently and made ready for rapid distribution.

Lower tariff/import fees: Importing components vs. finished products and having them assembled in the US may potentially lower your tariff obligation. Our “last mile manufacturing” service can complete assembly on your components.  Each situation is different so ask your customs broker or attorney if this applies to your situation.

Enhance Shipping Efficiency: Our overpack service may help reduce your shipping costs.  We can receive fewer packages from your facility and individually package them to ship to your distributors or end users. 

Customize Product Offerings: Tailor your products to meet diverse customer needs with our kitting services, which allow for customized combinations and configurations.

Seamless eCommerce Integration: Expand your online presence with our seamless eCommerce integration services, making it easier to manage inventory, process orders, and maintain customer relationships.

Guarantee Customer Satisfaction: Enhance your brand’s trust with our warranty services, offering prompt product repair or replacement to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

Reliable Repair Services: Maintain product reliability with our comprehensive repair services, covering both in-warranty and out-of-warranty items to keep your electronics in top condition.

Engineering Feedback: Our close relationship with our clients enable us to provide important information on the types of repairs performed and the components that failed which is useful in component selection and product design. 

Maximize Revenue Streams: Explore new revenue opportunities by setting up and managing your own “Refurb Store”, selling refurbished items at a fraction of the cost.   Refurbishing and reselling products extend revenue opportunities and reduce “dead stock”. 

Informed Business Decisions: Leverage our analytics services to gain insightful data and trends that guide better business decisions and strategic planning.

Enhance Market Presence: Amplify your brand visibility and product accessibility using our demo stock services, ensuring influencers and trade shows have the latest models on hand to showcase.



How to get started:

PanurgyOEM has worked with a number of overseas companies, making them successful in the US market.  

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