PanurgyOEM offers high quality refurbishment services



Add value to your used, returned or over-stocked inventory, product refurbishment and reconditioning.

PanurgyOEM’s Refurbishment Services Since 1984, PanurgyOEM has been helping OEMs, superstores, leasing companies, re-marketers and resellers refurbish and recondition used, returned or over-stocked inventory that requires test, repair, grading, upgrade or refurbishment before resale through alternative distribution channels. PanurgyOEM has special expertise gained from many years of refurbishment and reconditioning experience. PanurgyOEM currently holds numerous OEM service authorizations for virtually every type of computer consumer electronic and telecom product.

De-Manufacturing Services Optimize the Service Parts Supply Chain. A decision to de-manufacture and harvest parts from one unit to salvage multiple units often yields the most economical repair route. PanurgyOEM can also evaluate returned products, remove and isolate the defective parts, and then de-manufacture the product down to its critical components for re-distribution as service spares and field replacement parts. This approach considerably lowers costs and provides a significant logistical advantage over managing an international supply chain of new service parts.

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