PanurgyOEM offers high quality services for our Contract Assembly Services clients

Assembly Services

Building Greater Profits, One Assembly at a Time

Let us take the time-consuming, expensive, and labor-heavy process of product assembly off of your plate; allowing you to focus on the big picture of steering your company to greater profitability. At PanurgyOEM, we have the experience, talented workforce, and vast workspace to dramatically increase the efficiency of your product assembly operation. Greater efficiency means:

  • Lower cost per assembled unit
  • Greater consistency of the finalized product
  • Higher overall quality of product
  • Increased ROI per sale

Additionally, you no longer have to worry about overseeing the product assembly yourself, juggling multiple parts vendors, paying a workforce, or quickly scaling assembly up or down depending on demand.

Your Total Contract Assembly Solutions

PanurgyOEM has been providing assembly services to companies big and small for over 30 years. Our highly trained workforce is adept at quickly learning to assemble a wide array of products in the industries of:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • IT Communications
  • Industrial Controls
  • Computer & Office Machines

If your product fits in any of these categories, we can manage your entire assembly process, from receiving the parts from vendors to the final testing, screening, and reporting on the completed units.


Scalable Assembly to Meet Your Needs

We understand that the volume of your assembly needs can fluctuate throughout the year depending on the season and buyer demand. We can quickly scale up or down our assembly services to meet your current volume needs. If you need to double or even triple your output ASAP, we can handle it without sacrificing the quality of your finished product!

Contact Us for a Contract Assembly Consultation

We want to hear about your assembly needs to see if we can be the right solution for you. Give us a call at 973-625-4056 to schedule a consultation today!

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