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Give Your Products a New Life and Your Company a New Revenue Stream

Every product unit your company produces is an investment. If that product breaks, fails to sell, or gets returned, that doesn’t mean it has to be a total loss for your company. An effective Reverse Logistics System can breathe new life into your product by repairing, refurbishing, or repackaging it so that it can go out to market once again and provide you with a new stream of revenue.

At PanurgyOEM, we have developed our comprehensive reverse logistics system over 30 years, which seamlessly integrates into our assembly and logistics systems. Our 90,000 square-foot repair facility includes dedicated work areas and technicians trained to repair:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Computers and office equipment
  • Industrial controls
  • IT/Communications

We can be your total solution, from product assembly, all the way through to product repair and refurbishment, and you can save time and money every step of the way.

We Repair Down to the Component Level

Our highly trained repair teams can fix your products at an assembly, sub-assembly, or even a component level. Our technical staff has significant experience in troubleshooting and designing testing procedures to effectively isolate and fix whatever issues we find. As a final step in the repair process, we review the unit to ensure all ECN’s have been incorporated prior to moving it to our extensive Quality Control Process.

Save Money, Make Money

We can function as a natural extension to your manufacturing team, while saving you the time, energy, and cost required to track returns, manage repairs, hire a team of repair technicians, and get repaired and refurbished products out the door again. The results are:

  • A faster turnaround on repairs
  • Higher quality and more consistent repairs
  • More refurbished products on the market
  • Decreased loss from returned and damaged products
  • Greater profits on sales of repaired and refurbished products

With repair and refurbishment responsibilities off your plate, you can focus on steering your company forward without worrying about what to do with all the damaged products clogging up your warehouse!

Ready to Rev Your Reverse Logistics System?

It’s time to partner with a company that can implement a reliable, scalable, and highly efficient reverse logistic system to your return and refurbishing processes. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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