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Are Your Returns Losing Value As You Read This?

Returned inventory doesn’t have to be a drain on your profits or clog up your limited warehouse space. An effective Returns Management System can save you money by making aftermarket activities more efficient.

At PanurgyOEM, we have the experience, system expertise, and infrastructure to implement a comprehensive returns management system for your business that will:

  • Reduce lost revenue
  • Shorten inventory cycle time
  • Lower processing costs
  • Better realize the value of returned inventory


We Repair, Refurbish, and Recycle

Our large central processing and inspection facility is fully equipped to accept all of your returned and damaged products. From there, our team of highly trained workers can repair, refurbish, or recycle your products depending on your company’s objectives.

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We can handle every detail of the returns process, including:

  • Freight management of returned items
  • Warehousing of returned products
  • Diagnosis, grading, and reporting
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • Upgrading, repackaging, or customization
  • Restocking as “like new” inventory
  • De-manufacture for parts harvesting
  • Recycling and EPA approved disposal
  • Warranty management
  • After market call center support

In many cases, we are able to give products a new life by repairing them, refurbishing, harvesting parts, or repackaging. In this way, we can extend the value of your products and provide you with a new revenue stream with very little additional investment on your part.

Our Effective Exchange Program Limits Disruption to Your Clients

No one likes losing a valuable piece of equipment or waiting days or weeks while it is repaired. We won’t leave your customers hanging while we fix their electronics and equipment! We can quickly and easily exchange your customer’s damaged unit with a replacement unit with limited disruption. We can also handle the Return Authorization and track the full exchange for you. We treat your customers like superstars and make you look great!

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Extend the Life of Your Returns

If your returned items are just sitting in your warehouse right now, they are taking up space and quickly losing value. Put those products to work, or at least recycle them in a safe and compliant way by using us for all of your returns management and reverse logistics needs. Contact us today to set up a consultation to learn how we can make your returned products keep working for you!

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