Beyond e-Commerce Fulfillment

At first glance, most e-Commerce fulfillment companies offer very similar services, from e-Commerce fulfillment to packing & shipping.  Some even handle returns.  

Where most e-Commerce fulfillment companies fall short is after the return and returns account for about 20% of all sales

Most e-Commerce fulfillment partners will return an unopened return back to inventory – but how many consumer electronics returns are unopened?

The opened products or those that require “someone touching it” meaning accessory replacement or warranty repair – that’s a different story,  that’s where PanurgyOEM comes in.

PanurgyOEM introduces Boosted Fulfillment

After a product is returned often the logistical question is – Now What?

As touched on above, if they’re unopened that’s simple, boom – right back to inventory.

If the box is opened, and all the pieces are there the item can be sold as “B” stock at a discount enabling you to recoup part of your revenue.

But what if that returned product is missing a manual?  Or a power cable?  Or the remote?  


Then what?


Often they’ll be set on a pallet in your distributor or retailer’s warehouse awaiting instruction from you, the manufacturer.  Sometimes when the stack on the pallet is overflowing, your distributor or retailer will just ship it all back to you or ship to another partner, your repair facility.

Either way, you have product just sitting in a warehouse or incurring more expense to ship to your repair vendor – you have a stranded asset generating zero revenue or profit.

Dollars sitting on a pallet, gathering dust

The Open Box market

An “open box” product with all the components may sell for 70 – 80% of your normal selling price,  an “open box” product missing some pieces?  IF you can sell it at all would certainly bring only a fraction of your normal selling price.

PanurgyOEM’s Boosted Fulfillment service rescues your stranded assets with Boosted Returns Management.

Boosted Returns Management


Boosted Returns Management completes the fulfillment lifecycle by adding complete Repair & Refurbishment to the offering.

Our extensive electronics repair and refurbishment capabilities coupled with over 30 years of experience make PanurgyOEM a unique fulfillment partner for electronics manufacturers.

We help our clients leverage maximum revenue and profit on all merchandise sold.

Like many other great fulfillment partners on the market, we offer

  • e-Commerce platform integration
  • SKU management
  • Stocking / picking / assembly
  • Packing & Shipping
  • Visibility into the order’s lifecycle


Boosted Returns Management offers valuable reverse logistics, repair, and refurbishment which delivers:  

  1. Warranty Exchange: Replace or Repair & Return to consumer
  2. Repair & Refurbish to monetize products previously left stranded
  3. Restock unopened products back to inventory


By adding top quality Repair, Refurbishment, and Reverse Logistics capabilities, manufacturers can reduce expenses and improve profits by consolidating fulfillment and repair vendors.

PanurgyOEM is the 30-year-old company with the soul of a startup.

Our 90,000 square foot facility is located in the New York Metro area near major roadways, 1 of the busiest ports in the US, close proximity to rail and near 3 of the nation’s largest airports.

To discuss how to streamline your fulfillment process and monetize and rescue your stranded assets, call or email today to discuss  PanurgyOEM’s Boosted Fulfillment.