PanurgyOEM introduces “POP”


Visibility into your logistics process, from assembly to returns & repairs, can make a significant improvement to your overall logistic operation.  Better visibility can reveal clues leading to operational slowdown which can only be fixed when identified.


To this end, PanurgyOEM introduces “POP”


“POP”  is the Panurgy Operations Portal which is a total visibility system now offered to PanurgyOEM clients.  POP delivers key logistics data in a visual format via our portal as well as exportable data which can be used in our client’s own data analytics systems.   


The four key components of “POP” are:



To the Repair Cycle:  “POP” provides clients timely information on product status during the repair cycle – Product receipt, Pending status, Diagnosis, Repair, QA and Shipping.  This enhanced visibility gives PanurgyOEM’s clients useful information on products returned for repair status but also gives our client’s customers visibility into the status of their items which have been returned for repair.  This customer visibility can improve the relationship with the customer during the repair cycle.


Overall Repair Metrics: “POP” also offers information on the overall repair process status such as Parts on Hand and Repair Status Breakdown


2.Root cause analysis

Timely and historical data presented by “POP” can help identify trends in failure to help improve the production cycle.   The Operation team to better understand either specific components most likely to fail or  events during the process that have a higher likelihood of failure.   This information can be distilled to point to root causes leading to overall process and product improvement.   “POP” also delivers data on a product line, presenting data on Returns by Product, etc..

3.Fully integrated ecommerce platform for fulfillment

“POP” is designed to be ecommerce friendly.  We offer front end fulfillment and integration to top ecommerce solutions such as Shopify, Amazon and others.

4.Usable and exportable data:

“POP” offers a number of usable pre-configured reports via a secure user portal. These reports and graphs can be further configured by time can be printed or be displayed on external websites.


Export data via XML

“POP” also offers the ability to export data via XML to our client’s own data analytics systems.



To learn more about “POP” and how PanurgyOEM can make your manufacturing operation more efficient and less expensive, contact us at 973-625-4056


Last Mile Manufacturing – Ecommerce Fulfillment – Returns & Repairs

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