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Quality Electronic Repair & Refurbishment

For nearly 40 years PanurgyOEM has been the leader in electronics repair.

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Quality Electronic Repair & Refurbishment

For nearly 40 years PanurgyOEM has been the leader in electronics repair. Our specialties are:

Factory Service

Show Sample & Demo

Build to Order

eCommerce Fulfillment


Who We Are

A proven leader in outsourced services in the computer, consumer electronics,industrial electronics and communications industries.

Since 1984, PanurgyOEM has been a leader in the electronics service industry with outsourced solutions that encompass the entire product life cycle. From Supply Chain Management & Kitting to Assembly & Test, Logistics, Delivery & Setup, Field and Depot Service Support, Reverse Logistics and End of Life Management,

PanurgyOEM consistently delivers. Our customers include manufacturers, extended warranty companies, third party maintenance companies, content providers, retail superstores, and more. With this demanding, diverse and market driven customer base,we continually innovate and improve on existing business practices.

For more information on getting your products repaired, please contact Customer Support at 973-625-4056 ext. 200 or complete the form below.

Factory Service

Factory service includes Depot Repair and Authorized Factory Service.

Build to Order

Build to Order services designed to deliver a wide range of custom products from a few base models. 

eCommerce & Fulfillment

We can connect to your eCommerce platform allowing us to process and ship your orders. 

Show Sample & Demo

Let us handle storing, managing and shipping your show & demo gear. 

Contract Manufacturing

Ideal for limited runs which require fast turnarounds. 

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Helps you understand the progress of your projects with integrations to your Business Intelligence systems. 

Contract Manufacturing

PanurgyOEM has years of experience and success in performing contract manufacturing for out clients.

Some of the key benefits of contract manufacturing are:

– No warehouse/facility expense

– No manufacturing staff or managment team expenses

Our “elastic” production process allows us to quickly scale on demand and reconfigure our manufacturing space & warehouse to meet demand.  To learn more, call or complete the form on this page.

We have been helping manufacturers fully optimize their Reverse Logistics program for over 40 years.  Interested in how we can help you?   Contact us by clicking below:

Case Studies

Watch our video series highlighting PanurgyOEM’s case studies

Why PanurgyOEM?

  • Flexible Assembly Process
  • Small Batch through Scale Assembly!
  • Board/Component Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Testing and Calibration
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Multiple Points of Inventory Control and Security!
  • Quality Driven
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • 5S
    • Six Sigma

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