PanurgyOEM offers high quality services for our Industrial Control clients

Industrial Controls

PanurgyOEM understands the importance of industrial production, as well as other smaller control system configurations in relation to the success of your business.
The advent of technology over the past few years has enabled the coupling of mechanical devices with computers; this has resulted in the development of automated equipment capable of producing significantly higher production rates over conventional machines. The increasing cost of labor, combined with the immense pressure on manufacturers to meet deadlines, has resulted increasing automation in factories across the world.
The seamless integration of Hardware and Software enabling manufacturing with reduced wastage, lesser accidents, robust and accurate products in an economically profitable way is the core driver to this market. These systems also offer better monitoring and maintenance options thereby reducing glitches in the manufacturing process. These developments in wireless technology have opened up new avenues for this market. Remote terminal units now enable control of machines over the entire shop floor thereby increasing ease of use and also reducing human exposure to hazardous areas. This coupled with the advances in Sensor technology has started the era for smart manufacturing. This provides increased efficiency with reduced human intervention.
With the help of PanurgyOEM, the function of your business will exceed many, if not all, efficiency and productivity expectations.


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