Accessory Deployment & Kitting Services

PanurgyOEM offers high quality services for our Accessory Deployment & Kitting Services clients

Accessory Deployment & Kitting Services:

Regardless of a company’s product assembly procedures, kitting can provide an important step in the way products are assembled prior to fulfillment. PanurgyOEM provides customized kitting services that are cost effective and greatly increase customer satisfaction by packing all necessary accessories in a kit along with the product.

The value of customized accessory kitting services can significantly maximize your company’s productivity, space utilization, manpower loading, and customer satisfaction.

Accessory & Deployment Kitting for a wide range of products PanurgyOEM regularly performs customized accessory & deployment kitting for a wide range of products including:

Computers:  Desktops – Tablets  – PDAs

Communications:  Satellites

Consumer Electronics:  HDTV,  Digital Photography,  Projectors

Office Communications:  Scanners,  Copiers,  Printers

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